A Time to Reassess

Almost a year has passed since the last blog and even more drastic changes have taken place. Hot on the heels of the decision to leave the European Union which brought conflict and despair to our nation, a new challenge appeared.
This time, Covid19, with not only the potential but the actual means to change the world for ever. In just a few weeks we have all experienced the results and seen the impact, both good and bad.
The opportunity offered is immense, to reassess and reset our values and reinvent a new and better world. This vision is already in action and has been for a long time, it’s a world where people and planet come first, the bottom line is not based on profit at the expense of everything else.

It’s an exciting, historically massive time and ‘normal’ as it was will not return. It didn’t work.

We have used the lockdown time to update the site and hopefully we will be more active in the future. We hope you all had a wonderful World FairTrade Day.