Mother’s (India) Fragrances

Incense Sticks

Traditionally made, hand rolled, even the beautiful packaging is made from hand marbled paper. No chemicals, pure and clean burning.
20 large sticks.

Tribal Soul Incense

These richly perfumed Tribal Soul incense sticks are presented in beautiful packaging and are produced by Hari Darshan in Bangalore, India. 

This incense is the perfect companion to our stunning hand-painted incense holders, and together they make a lovely gift.

One Village Incense

Hand made according to the traditional method – absolutely free from synthetics or animal substances, All natural ingredients. 100% vegetarian; 100% vegan. Twelve 20cm sticks.

Sandalwood and Neem soap

Wholesome, luxurious soap with absolutely no nasties. 100% vegan. Brilliant as a shampoo and shaving soap too. Generous 125g bar size. Best seller!

Dalit Soap & Candles

The Dalit people of India have are forced to drink from clay pots and then smash on the ground as a sign of their supposed untouchability. It is this powerful symbol of oppression that inspired Dalit’s range of products.

Dalit designs and supplies ethically sourced and environmentally sensitive products and provides employment to Dalits in India.

Beautiful, pure Dalit soaps. We also sell individual soaps with hand crocheted 100% organic cotton facecloths for an eco-friendly treat!

We are pleased and humbled to have the opportunity to support the Dalit people who make these beautiful soaps and candles. Browse our selection of Dalit soaps and candles in our cosy back room.

Oil Burners and Oils

Prices Vary


We always carry a selection of Meadow’s Aroma essential oils. They’re 100% pure, high quality and can be burned in one of our beautiful soapstone oil burners, or mixed with carrier oils to create signature perfumes or room sprays.