Things you will find

A large proportion of the stock is clothing, for example ladies skirts and dresses, tie-dye and printed tops, jumpers, hooded knitted zip jackets, hats, scarves, lots of bags etc etc. We aim to constantly source new and different items as well as maintaining stock of the most popular lines.

Braintree tops and loads of super soft bamboo socks.
We strive to get the right balance between stocking fast turnover items usually from larger suppliers and ones which will add variety and interest from small co-operatives and NGOs.

Clothes    Chocolate    Hats
We usually have a large stock of mens (or ladies!) grandad shirts lots of colours and sizes and woollen jumpers, again unisex.

Best selling children’s clothes are hand knitted zip front hooded cardigans from Peru, every one unique, and from Equador, fleece button front appliqued jackets.

Besides all this there are wooden toys, jig-saws, fabric ethnic  girl and boy dolls, organic cotton dolls clothes in a bag, wooden and soapstone craft items, Indian wall hangings, cushions, bedspreads, etc etc all from fair trade suppliers.

The latest new products are gorgeous leather journals in various sizes and styles. Hand crafted in India some with engraved patterns and even a stone embelishment, For steampunk enthusiasts some have a heavy front clasp fastener and from the same supplier, lovely silk sari bunting and felted garlands.

Colourful backpacks, satchels and bags are proving a hit. Made in India from leather offcuts, the price is really competitive.

Twice a year we have a range of the fantastic Zotter Fairtrade chocolate bars made in Austria, a firm favourite with the regular customers and of course, always,  the most ethical Fairtrade chocolate Divine largely owned by the cocoa farmers themselves, some of whom have visited us here in Haworth.
Divine Chocolate

We are proud to have been one of the first shops to sell the wonderful Oromo coffee from Ethiopia, sadly, after 5 years Oromo will be closing their company. It had proved to be very beneficial to the Oromo people but with rising costs of green beans and other factors, it was no longer viable. We wish them all well.

Another best seller also is Meadows essential oils and lovely oil burners. Incense is from One Village and Mothers fragrance, both pure, chemical free and completely ethical.

Ornaments    Wooden Man    Ornaments
One other range we have is a small selection of The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince) merchandise (you have to ask). Although this is not classed as fairly traded it is something which is very special to me. The message of the Little Prince is one which struck a chord many years ago and I realised that there were more people in the world who think as I do.