press article


I was approached last year by the Ecology Building Society to ask if I would be the subject of a case study for their website and newsletter.

This I agreed to and after a few delays due to weather and Christmas intervening we eventually arranged a date for the photographer to come to the shop with Tori from Ecology and the article was completed.

Yesterday I had the email that it was on line and I took a look. I was happy with the results and although I do get into the press for various Fair Trade reasons I usually shy away from personal publicity but this was being read by members with my own philosophy and ethics so I wasn’t particularly worried. A mere 3 hours later though, I discovered a piece of the article, AND the photo, in the local Keighley News! It had gone viral (well a bit)

I remember agreeing to the material being shared if they were approached but I suppose I hadn’t thought this through sufficiently and actually the result was something I wouldn’t have chosen to do. Done it is though and I hope I am not judged unfairly. The original article is about striving to be ethical in our choices.

By the way, my wealth comes not from investments, or material things but from the fortunate position I am in living in a country where we have rain to nourish the trees and soil, education and freedom . I have clean water and can sleep without fear, knowing that I have food for tomorrow. This, is being rich.