The website has been down for a while so this is a little late.

Janak and Shefali sent us a Happy Diwali message from India to pass on to all their Haworth friends. They are skilled artists and we have enjoyed their wonderful company on several visits here.

Second lockdown

We have closed the shop for four weeks to comply with Government guidelines but we can still be contacted and arrange for delivery or collection of items.
Please follow us on Instagram and Twitter or send a message.

Meanwhile, Main Street shops will be getting ready for Christmas and the trees will be going up. We are still making as many orders as possible to our suppliers so that they can stay in business to trade with the producers.

We hope you all stay well and we look forward to welcoming you back in the shop. ?

Opening with caution

Last weekend, 20th and 21st June we tentatively opened the shop.
‘Please wait’ was the welcome chalked on the doorstep as we tried to navigate adhering to the rules of social distancing, keeping staff and customers safe. A table and rail outside, considered a safer option, was a reminder that this should have been the 60s weekend. Intermittent heavy showers proved to be a problem but by the end of Sunday’s trading, it felt good to be back.

Opening hours for the foreseeable future are undecided and will be regularly reviewed. Please email to enquire if you’d like to visit. We apologise for any inconvenience.

A Time to Reassess

Almost a year has passed since the last blog and even more drastic changes have taken place. Hot on the heels of the decision to leave the European Union which brought conflict and despair to our nation, a new challenge appeared.
This time, Covid19, with not only the potential but the actual means to change the world for ever. In just a few weeks we have all experienced the results and seen the impact, both good and bad.
The opportunity offered is immense, to reassess and reset our values and reinvent a new and better world. This vision is already in action and has been for a long time, it’s a world where people and planet come first, the bottom line is not based on profit at the expense of everything else.

It’s an exciting, historically massive time and ‘normal’ as it was will not return. It didn’t work.

We have used the lockdown time to update the site and hopefully we will be more active in the future. We hope you all had a wonderful World FairTrade Day.



June 2019
This is the first blog after 4 years of absence.
Sonia’s Smile is still on Haworth Main Street, still profitable, the same ethos and mainly the same suppliers.
During that time, countless businesses in the village have changed hands, some more than once.
Visitors arriving on a crowded, sunny weekend envy our lifestyle and imagine themselves having a prosperous future living out their dreams, turning their hobby into a business perhaps or employing staff while they travel around sourcing stock.
The Country too has changed. Becoming a sad, divided nation arguing and afraid, Brexit is the poisonous carrot dangled in front of the nose of those who are dissatisfied, promising a better future, taking control and going it alone.
The reality is yes, Haworth is a wonderful place to live and work but it’s not the honeypot some may imagine. Luckily, profit for Sonia’s Smile has never been the bottom line. The purpose is far more important than that, it’s about valuing the producers and artisans, Fair Trade is working in partnership to help them to achieve a better life. In doing so we have been able to stay comfortably in business and donate substantial amounts to causes in line with our ethos.

If our country were to do the same, and focus on working alongside others, seeing what is best for the world not just for themselves, success for all would follow.

At the time of writing, everything is uncertain but we are the fortunate, and very wealthy ones.

World Fair Trade Day

Today is World Fair Trade Day and although we have no planned events, we will be mentioning it whenever possible and remembering those on whose behalf we are trying to be an ‘agent for change’.

£100 has been donated for the people in Nepal, small change really considering the enormity of the disaster, we shall continue to raise funds.

After this week-end we shall be handing over the keys for a week to Christian Aid for their pop-up shop again.

World Fair Trade Day

Each year on the second Saturday of May, the WFTO celebrates World Fair Trade day.

This year we shall be promoting prayer flags and fairy doors, then donate the profits to try and help those in Nepal.

Sadly, some of my suppliers are reporting either bad news of a death or no news from remote villages where the worst is feared. Many businesses will inevitably change because of this devastating event hundreds of miles away.

We are all connected.



Much of the stock in Sonia’s Smile is from Nepal. Lovely woollies, felt bags and hats and more recently, colourful  satchels and rucksacks.

Nepal has been through some really difficult times with the borders being closed down and no planes allowed in or out, electricity restricted to a few hours each day.

Just when things were improving they are hit with the devastating earthquake, killing and injuring thousands.

I value all the things in my shop, not for the cost but for the fact that they have been made by skilled craftspeople, paid a fair price to help them live a decent life. Life in Nepal is precarious and my thoughts are with the families, hoping that they can pick themselves up and get back to some sort of normal as they have done many times before.

Again, we are reminded of how wealthy we are.


A new attraction at the shop arrived in November, this is Yoko. She is 5 months old now and gets a great deal of attention.


Tour de France

We had the most brilliant day in Haworth when the cyclists passed within inches of the shop!

Prior to the Grand Depart, we made our own little video with bananas struggling to reach the top.

Check it out here: