About Fairtrade

We are very pleased that Imporient tea are sponsoring this event by supplying the tea for swapping.
We are thrilled to have as our guests, Nioka Abbott, a banana producer from the Windward Islands and Barbara Crowther who is the Director of Communications at the Fairtrade Foundation.
Fairtrade Fortnight in Haworth, tea dance complete with the Palm Court Orchestra, We did lot’s of tea swapping.


Joanne Harris at the 'Chocolat' event with Ghanaian cocoa farmers

Joanne Harris at the 'Chocolat' event with Ghanaian cocoa farmers

There is an enormous amount of information about fair trade nowadays and the facts and figures are changing rapidly as people become aware of the way they can make purchasing choices which affect people in other parts of the world.
The one thing that is certain is that….it works. Millions of farmers and workers in the developing world can see a brighter future due to us lucky shoppers making small and easy changes.
The one big confusion can be because of the many ways fair trade or fairly traded is described.
Just remember that the word Fairtrade (capital F) and the mark (logo) is the only guarantee that the strict criteria has been met and that the farmers receive the agreed price and a premium to improve their lives. All the information is found on the Fairtrade Foundation website.Haworth Gala


I have been inspired and encouraged for many years by Tania from Handupmedia who, apart from working for social change all year round, hold a fantastic event in Fairtrade Fortnight.