June 2019
This is the first blog after 4 years of absence.
Sonia’s Smile is still on Haworth Main Street, still profitable, the same ethos and mainly the same suppliers.
During that time, countless businesses in the village have changed hands, some more than once.
Visitors arriving on a crowded, sunny weekend envy our lifestyle and imagine themselves having a prosperous future living out their dreams, turning their hobby into a business perhaps or employing staff while they travel around sourcing stock.
The Country too has changed. Becoming a sad, divided nation arguing and afraid, Brexit is the poisonous carrot dangled in front of the nose of those who are dissatisfied, promising a better future, taking control and going it alone.
The reality is yes, Haworth is a wonderful place to live and work but it’s not the honeypot some may imagine. Luckily, profit for Sonia’s Smile has never been the bottom line. The purpose is far more important than that, it’s about valuing the producers and artisans, Fair Trade is working in partnership to help them to achieve a better life. In doing so we have been able to stay comfortably in business and donate substantial amounts to causes in line with our ethos.

If our country were to do the same, and focus on working alongside others, seeing what is best for the world not just for themselves, success for all would follow.

At the time of writing, everything is uncertain but we are the fortunate, and very wealthy ones.