Lots going on

This site has been rather neglected of late, technical stuff has never been a strong point. What it really reflects is that there has been too much real stuff going on.
Fair Intents was great and will be repeated next year, bigger and better.
supporters conference
The Fairtrade Supporters Conference in London was good as usual, lots of old friends and some new contacts. A friend came with me and unintentially found himself in the centre of the group photo for posterity!

The 2 day International Fairtrade Towns Conference in Bonn and then a wonderful visit to Saarbrucken with Bruce Crowther was the highlight of the Fairtrade journey so far. It is quite unbelievable how people the world over have embraced the idea and understood that each of us has the power to do something about the injustice in world trade..
Roll on next year and Malmo in Sweden.